Our spa body treatments are inspired by global ritual processes and use the highest proactive ingredients to create change for our guest’s skin.

Using pure plant extracts to ensure a therapeutic result for many skin conditions. There are many benefits such as removing impurities, refining and healing the skin, Increased oxygen flow, circulation, and cellular re generation. 


Stimulation of the lymphatic system through massage, hydrates and protects skin from the environment whilst scrubs produce inflammatory actions. Through scalp massage and movement our Therapist releases tension and provides deep relaxation and balance energy and wellness levels.


This is an experience that lingers with you long after your time at the spa has ended.



An invigorating exfoliation whilst massaging the back, including an aromatic experience that stimulates skin. The skin will feel clean, fresh, smooth, soft and detoxified.

This is an excellent treatment for any guest who suffers with back pimples, rough or dry skin and ingrown hairs from waxing.

The treatment is finished with removal using a hot steam towel and satin body moisturizer is smoothed into the skin.




Fine grounds of Pumice and coffee grounds provide a stimulating body exfoliation and have a detoxifying effect.


Mineral replenishment from sea extracts improves skin appearance while the synergy of the ingredient’s firms contours areas.


This is an invigorating aromatic experience that stimulates the system and senses.



Therapeutic dry body brushing prepares the skin for a luxurious blend of warm Cocoa seed and Coconut Oil, infused with Vanilla and Bergamot. 


Relax with a warm wrap of natural cloth for an uplifting face and scalp massage using your customised aromatherapy elixir. 


After a foot massage, the blend is further smoothed in to reveal highly nourishing and protected skin.



A foot soak in nourishing plant oils prepare you for an infusion of powerful antioxidants and nourishing hydration.


A soothing blend of Macadamia Nut Oil and Aloe Vera is smoothed over the skin, and the body is then wrapped for warmth. 


Relax with Balinese Body Palming and a restorative face massage.


90 min


The Ultimate skin detox treatment! Coffee and Sea Kelp are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to increase cellular metabolism and relieve sluggish skin. 


Fine ground Pumice and organic Coffee gives the skin an invigorating exfoliation while Grapefruit and Vanilla uplift the senses.


The body is wrapped in natural linen to aid product absorption and then rinsed in a luxurious warm shower. 


A lymphatic body hydration with Macadamia Nut, Camellia and Jojoba oils help to further drain toxins from the body to reveal bright and healthy skin.