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Our treatment rooms provide complete client comfort and privacy. Rooms are multifunctional with private steam, shower and spa facilities. All rooms are individually controlled with temperature, light and music adjusted to your requirements. We also offer a couple’s retreat, allowing two people to receive their treatments together in the same room.

All the equipment used for treatments is sanitised and sterilised to occupational health and safety standards for your peace of mind.
Personal underwear or bathers can be worn during your treatment; disposable underwear is also available. During your treatment you are draped with towels to ensure privacy. Clean and fresh robes or gowns, and slippers are also provided to be worn with some treatments.
Please wear open toed shoes or footwear, such as thongs when arriving for a pedicure.

The Day Spa and Beauty Salon is all about your time. We ask that mobile phones be switched to silent and that voices are kept to a quiet whisper to ensure tranquillity for all clients. The Day Spa and Beauty Salon is located upstairs, away from the hair salon to ensure a pleasant and quiet time. We also ask that children under the age of 12 do not enter the day spa, unless they are having a salon service.

All published times are set out as a guide only and are inclusive of consultation, treatment and recommendation. Refreshments may be included in some packages, so may vary the times indicate

Soap has a drying effect on the skin, stripping it from its natural moisture. When our skin lacks the proper moisture content, we can look older and not as fresh looking.

The ‘blue’ that you see are blood vessels. The skin around our eyes is 10x thinner than the skin on our face, therefore the ‘blue’ shows through. Everyone has some degree of ‘dark circles’ and unfortunately there isn’t a lot that can be done about them. The ‘blue’ can be exacerbated by alcohol, lack of sleep and even spicy foods. Under eye concealer is your best option.

Skin renews itself every 28 days. When this happens, the skin that is on top, dries up and ‘flakes’ away making room for new skin to come to the surface. Exfoliating helps speed up the process by sloughing away the dead skin cells and revealing a fresh complexion. You should exfoliate twice a week to keep the dead cells at bay. Over exfoliating can result in dry skin.

The face and eye area are extremely different and therefore should be treated with different products. The skin around our eyes doesn’t have any oil glands so it is prone to dryness more so than any other area on face. When our eyes are dry, we see finer lines, which are something no-one wants to see. If your face is oily, and you are moisturising with an oil free product, by putting that under the eyes is only going to dry them out more. Hydration is the key when looking for eye creams.

A cleanser is a non-negotiable. You will need to get your skin assessed by a professional and choose a cleanser according to your needs. A moisturiser is also needed. This will provide the skin with hydration, even if it is oil-free. Last would be an eye-cream for the delicate skin around your eyes which will hydrate and smooth out any fine lines. The therapists at Zedz are highly trained, and can advise what is the best skin care you can perform, and what products to use.