Curly, wavy, and frizzy hair can be difficult to control and is time-consuming to manage. Weather can affect the lasting power of a good blow-dry, straightening or curling irons.
Zedz offers a number of solutions for unmanageable hair from curly to frizzy hair types.

Control Keratin treatment not only makes the hair feel beautiful it’s long lasting transformation into perfectly smooth and soft hair for up to 3-5 months.

Dedicated to the individual’s texture of the hair, the Keratin treatment service delivers highly predictable results.


This service not only offers our guests long-lasting style results, but also the most innovative technology which provides optimum care and condition for hair so that the final result is glossy, silky and beautifully smooth and straight.

Achieve the Brazilian Straightening look with X- Tenso Moisturist to tame your rebellious, curly or frizzy hair for smooth, straighter, silky and shiny hair for up to 8 weeks.


Fusio-Dose treats your hair and immediately transforms for lasting results.

Five boosters are care formulas, mixed with the four powerful active concentrates ingredients, offering multiple combinations for a custom-designed treatment to instantly and lastingly transform the hair.

Individually prescribed by your hairdresser for instant effectiveness, Fusio-Dose’s results can now be further prolonged until the next salon visit with 4 personalized at-home applications.


An energising and relaxing scrubs that deeply cleanses the scalp while eliminating deeply incrusted impurities & providing long lasting freshness.

Instantly calming sensitivities & retaining optimal level of hydration. Reduces scalp flakiness. Scrubs for sensitive and dry to oily prone scalps. 65% more hair volume 24 hours after application.