Over the years Zedz has become more environmentally conscious and has implemented a number of sustainable practises to the help the environment. Zedz team commitment is to rescue up to 95% of our salon resources from the landfill and re-purposing solutions that benefit the environment and give back to the community

Zedz Salon Article in Sustainable Salons Post For those of you who don’t know, Zedz Salon is leading the way in the hair industry in considering our precious environment and taking extra steps to reduce our waste footprint. Below is the article that Sustainable Salons have published on 25 July 2018.

Zedz Hair, Beauty Salon and Day Spa is putting waste front and centre – literally. Over the years Zedz has been working to become more environmentally conscious, and when they recently made some green changes to their salon, they realised they could recycle even more of their waste with Sustainable Salons!

Terrina is always finding ways to bring awareness to the importance of reducing our impact on the environment. 

To create awareness of the new sustainable practices in her business, Terrina knew she needed a way to grab her customer’s attention. 

Now, when you walk into Terrina’s beautiful salon in Perth WA, you’ll see their waste on display…in the form of a beautiful statue of used hair foils.

It’s all about putting the sustainable message in clear sight. As well as the statue, we are now placing recycling bins in view of clients so they can see exactly what we are recycling with Sustainable Salons.

This has been a fantastic way to get guests talking about what Zedz’s is doing to reduce their impact. “Our aim has always been to draw clients’ attention to our recycling and salon sustainability, as well as opening up a conversation with them. So, to have guests show interest in helping the environment is incredibly rewarding.”


During the month of July 2019, we continued our focus on sustainability and recycling and set up a plastics collection point at the salon for our local residents. These plastics were in turn collected to be recycled.


Outside of the salon, Terrina has gone even further to spread the message of sustainability. For Hair Expo, the Zedz Art Team and Recycle Sister created a photographic collection entitled ‘Waste’ using plastic waste collected from within just 3km of the salon. The collection is stunning, but the powerful images highlight the huge issue of plastic waste in our environment.


 Sustainable Salons launched in New South Wales in 2015.

Sustainable Salons began in Australia and has been active here for more than four years. While we know that the AU and NZ markets have their similarities, we also know that they’re very different.


The program has the same collection format, in-salon bin set-up, branding and community-mindedness in both territories, however there are key differences when it comes to the stories surrounding each waste stream.

100% of the proceeds we receive from the sale of your salon materials goes directly to Oz Harvest. These funds feed those in need… $1 provides two meals!

Recyclers require a minimum quantity of collected materials before they will purchase them from us, so our contributions to Oz Harvest happen each month and can vary depending on the exact quantity of materials sold. On average, we provide 2,000 meals every month… since the program has been operating, we’ve given more than 95,200 meals to those in need!

In line with industry-standard sustainability thinking, we believe that we’re each responsible for the ethical disposal of any waste produced by a product or service we choose to consume. And thanks to your commitment, that’s exactly what the Sustainable Salons program allows a guest at ZEDZ salon to do!

Every time a guest visits your Sustainable Salon, they help the planet and change lives! The $2 Sustainable Salons Fee minimises the ecological footprint of each salon visit and supports a range of important sustainability and community initiatives. Below is a brief breakdown of where its goes


40% – Resource collection and redirection

25% – Implementing green practices

20% – Supporting the community

10% – Researching recycling solutions

5% – Awareness and education

In Queensland and Victoria, we partner with organisations to provide purposeful work within our repurposing streams for people with a disability. The supported employees at Endeavour Foundation (QLD) and Mambourin (VIC) work with staff to sort and prepare the materials for recycling and repurposing!