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  • Are you concerned about hair loss?
  • Do you have ingrown hairs after shaving?
  • Do you suffer from dandruff?
  • Do you see more grey hairs?
  • Is your skin dry?
It is only natural for men to experience one or more of these occurrences. Although some of these are a natural progression with ageing, there is no reason why you should suffer. You can look and feel your best as you get older. We have listed some of the most frequent problems our male clientele has experienced and discuss the causes, and how you to manage each problem. Book an appointment with one of our specialist team members, who can help solve your hair and skin problems.

Men’s Hair Questions & Answers

Dandruff results when the outermost layer of our skin (the epidermis) is replacing old cells with new cells. When the turnover rate of cells being formed is high, dead cells collect on the epidermis of the scalp and clump together to form larger flakes that become obvious. With dandruff, washing with regular or medicated shampoo should be sufficient to control it. Medicated shampoos may contain active ingredients that help slow down dandruff build-up or remove excess flakes. Look for these ingredients to help fend off dandruff:
  • pyrithione zinc
  • selenium compounds
  • salicylic acid
  • ketoconazole
  • sulphur
  • coal tar

Unfortunately, hair loss is most directly correlated to your genetics and that is something that you can’t change. So, genetics predetermine the hair loss that you will be having over the period of your life. Regrettably, there is an industry of Hair Loss organisations who take advantage of men, and their wallets. Recently, there has been a new addition to our hair product market with Kerastase launching “Initialiste”. This breakthrough serum is intended for the scalp and penetrates it, to make the hair follicle as healthy as possible which in turns creates the perfect starting point for healthy hair. This exciting product is now available at Zedz as a realistic and cost-effective solution for promoting healthy hair growth.

Hair colouring is not exactly topic number one among men. Most men rather keep such issues to themselves. Some men decide to age with dignity. Luckily, there are great ways to look better without showing up with obviously coloured hair. Camo colours are the perfect way for a man to achieve the natural look without going down the path of ‘I’ve just had my hair coloured’ look. The result is a soft, natural look.

Different from women, men only consider colouring their hair after their own natural production of hair pigments has started to decline and the first unwelcomed grey hairs have appeared. Another typically male concern is hair loss. The right hair colour can hide beginning male pattern baldness for a little while.

Men’s Face & Neck Hair Questions & Answers

In between waxes are popular for our male clientele to keep the hair on their neck at bay until their next haircut appointment. It’s quick, easy and very effective.

This is what happens when you shave very closely. You make your hairs extremely sharp, particularly if you have curly hair. What often happens is that the hair grows out, curls a little bit and then grows right back, pierces into your skin, causes inflammation and causes a bump. That’s what the razor bump is; that’s how it occurs. So how can we avoid it?
A more practical option is to employ certain habits when you’re shaving.
No. 1: Before you shave have your skin on your face be very wet. A good place to shave for people with these problems is in the shower. Do it when you having a warm shower, apply the shaving cream or gel, and then when you shave, use a razor with one blade rather than multiple blades, because this will cause the hairs to be not quite as short and not quite as sharp.
No. 2: The other thing you want to do is shave in the direction that the hair wants to be growing. If you do those simple steps, you will minimize the extent that you will have these razor bumps.

Men’s Skin Questions & Answers

Absolutely! Soap definitely has a drying effect on the skin as it doesn’t contain any moisture which our skin so desperately needs. Body Wash is the way to go. Your partner probably has a bottle of it in the shower now, but guaranteed it smells a bit girly. Never fear – there is a plethora of male body washes on the market that not only clean the body, but put the moisture back into your skin after a long day at work – all while smelling masculine.

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