Zedz Skin Clinic is located on the top floor of the Zedz premises, and perfectly complements our Beauty House and Day Spa.

The team at Zedz Skin Clinic prides themselves in being highly trained, and only use and recommends top-range results-driven products that strongly promotes the use of vitamin A for skin health. The team never ceases to continue training to learn new skills and keep abreast of the latest skin science.  
Zedz continues to introduce new and advanced skincare treatments as a result.

Zedz believes that beauty starts with healthy skin, therefore we have specialised in customising a skin care treatment program
unique to you and your needs.

Our skincare treatments use active ingredients from our preferred skincare range Environ. Our great results are obtained through knowledge and the use of our preferred brand. Environ is an active skincare range that is safe and effective.

Environ offers a step-up program suitable for everyone.


Environ products contain ultra-high potency levels of Vitamin A. It is where Environ began, and where it continues to lead the field.

We have created a unique “step-up” programme to gradually increase potency and we have included a range of high-quality ingredients to optimise effectiveness.


All of the ingredients in Environ products are formulated for maximum activity. 

This means many things, from the formulation of the ingredients (e.g. chiral correctness) to the way they are manufactured and packaged (free from oxygen and light).


Environ is a pioneer in technologies that increase delivery of the active ingredients by factors of up to 100. These include micro-needling, Iontophoresis and Sonophoresis.


Every facial includes a full skin analysis using a wood’s lamp for a thorough view of the skin. We provide a 6-month skin care routine that includes home care recommendations and samples.

Please arrive 10 mins early to enjoy a refreshment in our relaxing lounge area before easing into our treatment.


A video skin consultation is the perfect solution for busy people who can’t make it to our Skin Clinic but would like some skincare advice.

Zedz will arrange a virtual zoom or face time call and discuss any skin concerns or information required about your skin.

Duration: 20mins