By fusing 8th Century with the 21st Century, we were able to collaborate a modern day, 

Roman History Collection  which we name “Commodus Collection”.

The lines used were clean, sharp and superiorly detailed. The Gladiator effect translated into our images with the colour 

palette being rich, earthy reds, coppers, browns and burgundies, offsetting with cooler tones of blues and greys. 

By inter-mixing tones Metallic movement, we were able to create hair that was inspired by Roman Head Armoury.
Hair a combination of sleek, smooth, textured and tonal, our motivation was to incorporate meaning into the hair relating to that era. 

Figures were sculpted to perfection in order to replicate the fierce aesthetic physique of the Roman Warrior.
The 8th Century saw woman without power, so by modernising this, we created strong, fierce woman with gender equality.


Is a tiny formation of gas bubble caused by a chemical reaction.


From time to time, we can feel like this in our heads as we deal with everyday situations, so it seemed fitting to create a collection to emulate Effervescence with the use of bubbles. 


I wanted to create that our heads are being kept above water as water signifies peace and relaxation with a very grounding effect. The hair is graceful and delicate, yet has shape and movement


It is playful, light and almost mermaid like in quality.



This photoshoot was created by the Zedz Art Team who wanted to create awareness of what plastics are doing to our wildlife and 

environment. It is a story of entrapment and slow deat by poison we are creating for ourselves and our planet.

This project has really changed the way that guests look at waste both in and out of the salon. “Guest feedback about the ‘Waste’ 

collection and foil statue has been amazing. Many have remarked how much they love the concepts and a large number have shown 

interest in joining the waste-free cause.” The energy and excitement around the salon have also had a great positive impact on 

the staff, who love being a part of the cause.

Terrina says, “We hope to continue to inspire and work alongside businesses outside of the industry to create awareness of sustainable 

business practices. We want our guest to know they are making a difference by supporting a local salon, who not only delivers a WOW 

experience but cares for its environment.”