Hi there, I am Terrina Brown, Zedz Salon Director. Read the spotlight article below to get to know me better and understand my passion for looking great and running a successful business…

Get to Know Zedz Salon Director Terrina Brown
Terrina Brown is Director of the highly awarded Perth salon, Zedz for Hair and Beauty, and a leading advocate for the hair industry nationally and in Western Australia. She is a powerful voice in the call for greater recognition for hair-dressers and their craft. Terrina is also an educator on the national circuit specializing in the areas of cutting-edge design for hair and business practice for the hair industry.

Terrina has helmed Zedz since its beginnings in 1991, transforming it from a one-room one-person outfit into a luxurious two-storey hair and beauty salon fully integrated with a day-spa, staffed by a team of more than thirteen.

People think it’s all glamour and easy. It’s not; it’s a thoughtful career and we’re highly skilled professionals.

During this time she has sustained and grown this business, she has built a reputation as a creative hair stylist with a high level of technical proficiency. Equally as impressive is her reputation as a progressive businesswoman who builds opportunities for the people in her charge as well as the community she is connected to.

Terrina’s work has been, & still is rewarded with state and national trophies from the 1990s to now, and her work has been seen internationally on the covers of such prestigious magazines as Estetica. Significantly, above these achievements she rates her work as an educator and mentor.

Zedz has long been known as a strong training ground for apprentices; Terrina has groomed many juniors for careers in their industry of choice. Under the L’Oréal banner she has toured Victoria and South Australia as a Creative Educator, and New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland as part of the 360 Degrees business education program. She is the West Australian trainer for Great Lengths Hair Extensions, and Intercoiffure’s WA State Fashion Director with responsibility for organizing an annual program of training. Aside from the weekly in-house training for both junior and senior staff at Zedz, Terrina has established an outreach program that has seen Zedz’s own Art Team travel to the north of WA to offer training to regional salons.

“With training, I feel that what matters most are clarity and order; without them you can be highly creative but your work is messy, you can be innovative and provocative but unproductive. You need knowledge to start with but then you need skills and technique to translate an idea into something outstanding. People think it’s all glamour and easy. It’s not; it’s a thoughtful career and we’re highly skilled professionals.” This commitment to standards and excellence has set Zedz apart from the others, and Terrina takes this to new levels in her marketing and events programs.

Terrina’s background in theatre and performance is evident in the program of events she devises each year. From hairshows like Runway Zedz to VIP nights and bridal expos she is committed to the twin ideas of excitement and excellence.

“I love the idea of change – new directions, new energies. And I love passing the change across to the next generation. I’ve worked hard to setup systems and procedures so that we can share ideas and transmit creativity. I think that’s what the whole hair industry should be doing. We’re a legitimate part of the fashion industry and we should behave like other professions that use sophisticated teaching models to ensure we pass on the best of our experience to the next generation. This is a highly rewarding career where you can make a positive change in the lives of those who come in our care – we have to take this seriously, be generous to our colleagues and pass along the torch of learning”.

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